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electric shaver How long have men been shaving?  Actually, cave paintings and other archaeological evidence show that early man used shaving implements like obsidian glass, sharp-edged flints, and even shells and shark's teeth to get rid of stubble.  However, today's manual and electric shavers are likely to give a cleaner shave!

The first "disposable" razors, made from flint rock, were developed more than 5,000 years ago, but these grew dull and wore out quickly.  By 3000 BC, permanent razors made of copper were used in both India and Egypt.  Between 1500 BC and 1200 BC, elaborately carved razors in leather pouches were prized in Scandinavia, and it appears that these utilitarian shaving devices enjoyed some status as a decorative personal belonging.  During the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great made shaving popular, and the razor in use was the iron novacila, also known as the "Roman razor."  Women, too, began using razors to shave facial and body hair around this time.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, straight steel razors were popular, and a razor with the handle perpendicular to its blade was introduced during Victorian times.  This razor, which resembled a garden hoe, became an overnight success; it is the type of manual razor that we use today.  Gillette was the first company to develop both the disposable manual razor and the electric shaver, and today the company remains an industry leader in shaving technology.  In 1901, Gillette introduced the first double-edged razor with a replaceable blade, paving the way for today's modern razors.

rotary head shaver Electric shavers, also known as electric razors, are shaving devices that are powered by electricity.  These shavers have electric motor-driven blades that oscillate or rotate behind a metal screen and usually feature oscillating sideburn trimmers as well.  Electric shavers are designed for used on a dry face.  As an electric shaver moves across the skin, its hair lifters tug hairs out of their hair follicles, and the adjoining blades cut the hairs.  The cut hairs fall through the skin guard into a hair collection area, and the remaining hairs are drawn back into their follicles.  These types of shavers are fairly safe to use because their blades do not touch the skin.  Manual shavers, by contrast, usually feature a blade, or sometimes twin blades, that are dragged along the surface of the skin to remove hair.

Manual shavers are reputed to give the closest shave, but shavers that feature oscillating blades under a thin foil screen will generally produce as close a shave as a manual razor.  And while shavers with rotating blades usually do not produce quite as close a shave, they are known to shave more comfortably.  Some shavers are designed for men, while others are specifically designed for women.  Other shavers work well for people of both genders.  Shavers that are disposable can be thrown out and replaced after several uses.

foil head shaver There is an electric shaver for just about any budget.  Low-cost electric shavers are powered by household current or batteries and may feature one or two blades, while more expensive shavers usually have two or three blades and are powered by a rechargeable battery system.

Electric shavers and accessories can be purchased in many places, from drugstores to specialty stores, from salons to online retailers. features a selection of online sources for electric shavers and accessories plus a directory of shaver and razor manufacturers.  Here you can compare specifications on popular men's and women's electric shavers, razors, and related grooming products.

man shaving with an electric shaver
Man Shaving with an Electric Shaver

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Electric Shaver Manufacturers

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Manual Razor Manufacturers

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    Supplier of wet shaving, dry shaving, and personal care products.

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